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Changing medicine. Changing lives.™

Coregas delivers highly focused, risk managed change that reduces the financial and resource burden on Australian Healthcare.

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Re-think your gas supply management

Would you prefer a better way to track and manage cylinders that enables you to control rental and allocate resources efficiently?

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What you can expect from us

Focus on understanding and meeting your requirements. We aim to provide straightforward, cost-effective and flexible services and products.

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Supply and storage of gases

Coregas supplies a full range of gases to the Australian healthcare industry.

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Customers told us they wanted: innovation, value for money and to get the basics right, then exceed expectations, demonstrate experience and give better service.

We invite you to read more about our simple, game changing plan.

Managing transition

We take the anxiety out of managing the transition from your current supplier by assisting in the management, planning, assessment and execution. Whether that change is to cylinder or bulk supply, our structured change programmes are designed to minimise disruption and risk.

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Creating new standards

Our standard service offer is already comprehensive, efficient and flexible, but we can offer you more. Having developed bespoke services, tools, reporting and visibility for large customers, we have an array of additional services and tools to make maintaining gas supply easier for you.

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The value of simplicity

The current invoicing for the healthcare industry is complex and delivers little value. Our new, simpler way of doing business will be more transparent to help you in your search for increased efficiencies. Our new reporting tools provide easy access to savings in cylinders time and cost.

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Real customer focus

Our focus is on understanding your business to provide the best patient outcomes and ongoing cost reductions.

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Are you ready for a change? Call 1800 807 203

Are you ready for a change? 
Call 1800 807 203