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Australian owned

We have been providing high-quality TGA approved Medical gases to small and large institutions within the healthcare industry in the form of cylinders and bulk vessels. Many of those same institutions also require speciality gases, industrial gases and related equipment, which Coregas can manufacture and supply without hesitation.

We changed our name to Coregas on becoming part of the Wesfarmers group. Since then we have continued to expand and grow our product range, service offers and distribution network, nationally and with a recent expansion into New Zealand.

We are proud to say that service and quality are at the core of everything we do.

”For over a hundred years, Wesfarmers has adapted and adjusted to changing market conditions in an ever-changing world. As one of Australia’s most successful companies, we are dynamic, focused and agile. We preparing our business once more for future growth with key industries. Healthcare is one of the fastest growing industries and Coregas Healthcare is ready to support that growth.”

Rob Scott
Managing Director – Industrials Division

“Coregas, a Wesfarmers company, has challenged the Australian gas market successfully since 1974. Coregas does things differently. We believe that a partnership starts when we listen to the customer and then do what they have asked us to do. We have become an important supplier to the healthcare sector because we do things the Coregas way. And more and more customers are trusting us as their healthcare partners. With our established capability and innovative thinking, we will deliver highly focused, risk managed change that reduces the financial and resource burden on Australian Healthcare.”

Alan Watkins
Executive General Manager