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The value of simplicity

Coregas difference

Simplifying gas supply


The Coregas telemetry system provides real-time visibility of your medical oxygen levels and consumption patterns.

Telemetry is the remote monitoring of customer gas management systems, medical pack and liquid supply.

The benefits telemetry provide include security of supply at all times as Coregas constantly monitor your usage and schedule deliveries to ensure there are zero stock-outs. The system also allows Coregas to minimises disruption to the hospital with fewer deliveries by the use of remote monitoring and then mapping your consumption. Telemetry can provide daily usage data if you require it.


Some existing customers made it loud and clear to us that our invoicing is hard to understand. So we created an invoicing and reporting system that we are confident will meet your needs.

The simplified invoicing format will provide headline information on the front page and reporting down to the actual days an individual cylinder is held at the account level, on the following pages.

We have done a lot of work to ensure we can offer flexible, configurable invoicing solution, through to one invoice for everything.

Continuing with the mantra “simplifying gas supply” at the forefront of our thinking, Coregas Healthcare offers our customers choices that we believe will provide visibility and simplicity as we interact with each other.

Local support

Local customer service team available to support you in every aspect of gas supply.

Our daily exception reporting and an analytical team actively monitor cylinder movements – we always adjust rental holdings based on who we delivered to NOT who we received them from. Contact us to find out more.